Training is supposed to help you do the things in life that you enjoy doing, and to do those things with ease.

As long as I can remember, I have been playing football and basketball and I vividly remember challenging kids in my neighborhood to foot races. It is fair to say that athletic performance has been important to me from the very beginning. My early love for sports, and steadfast dedication, led to becoming the starting receiver for my college football team and a national competitor in the track world. 

The desire to teach and assist people in finding their true potential drew me to become a high school teacher. During my teaching career I was fortunate to coach football and track. I enjoyed motivating my students and pushing them to become better people through athletics, not only on, but off the field as well. Later I found that with personal training, I would be able to exercise all of these key roles that I had grown to love so much while coaching and teaching.

I've been certified as a NASM-CPT for 15 years.  Throughout my career I've studied under many mentors and applied my knowledge of the body to create challenging and diverse exercise routines. 

My style is fast paced and thorough. I combine total body movements with anaerobic activity to push you outside of your comfort zone. Each workout is tailored to your needs and each movement can be modified if necessary. One thing I enjoy is teaching people how to be aware of their bodies and understanding how it should function. I believe your body should move fluidly, efficiently and without pain or discomfort. My goals when training a client are to manage structural or muscular inefficiencies with proper mechanics, strive to get you stronger, more fit, and ultimately in the best shape of your life.