Working with Tony is like working out with a friend, mentor, comedian and personal trainer all in one. Tony has an intuitive sense of knowing when to push and when not. Having problems with my knees and my fear sometimes to "go for it", Tony encouraged me to take off my shoes so my feet could begin to develop a relationship with the ground and anchor me in my workouts. The results, while may look small to others, have been huge for me - giving me more confidence and encouragement to push harder.

Tony has been insightful in knowing where to focus my workouts - in a thoughtful, progressive manner. He continues to show me that doing it right is what matters, and that small details can achieve the greatest results.

Your huge Tony, and so appreciated!

- Jean Z.

I am a 48 year old track coach, and fitness guy. I like to think of myself as someone who is very knowledgeable in the area of fitness and working out. But Tony has brought me to a new level of understanding. 

I have used many of his new ideas, and not only have I incorporated them into my training, but use them in my coaching of high school track athletes as well. His tips on how I might want to approach my training with my chronic knee and achilles tendon pain have been nothing short of amazing. A simple suggestion on footwear and running technique has changed my training life. I am now able to run multiple times a week, something I have not been able to do for 15 years!  I am competing in adventure runs, and am in the best shape I have been in since my 20's, when I still competed in track and field. 

I have learned the importance of training the whole body, and functional movement. I am very impressed with Tony's knowledge, and motivation to continue learning as new and different training regimens are coming out. 

He uses a good mix of "old school" tried and true methods, mixed with some of the new, best research based ideas from today. Tony was a former track athlete of mine, and I am proud that he is able to now teach me ways to improve and work for my goals. Train with Tony! He knows his stuff, and you won't be disappointed!    

- Kevin H.

Sometimes if were lucky and paying attention, life gives us exactly what we need. Thats how I feel about having Tony Moses as my trainer. The money I spend to train with Tony twice weekly has given me the best return of any investment I've ever made. I get the immediate gratification of feeling great, I've had marked improvement in my athletic pursuits, and whats best of all is that I know this investment in my health & well being will continue to pay off for the rest of my life.

Tony gets the personal part of personal training - it's about each client. I've observed that he has a knack for getting to know us through what we willingly share about ourselves as well as what he observes we guard tightly.  We humans all have the tendency to focus on what we already do well and neglect our weaknesses. For me, call it motivation, drive, stubbornness - I've got that in spades. It brought me great success in work and in competitive endurance events, but at the price of becoming completely out of balance and living with chronic knee pain. Whereas I had elevated ignoring pain to an art form, Tony has brought me back to tuning in to my body instead of tuning it out. He is 100% present when were working together: monitoring how I'm responding to his planned workout & adjusting me or the plan as needed, figuring out how to take me to the next level, or finding the right words that resonate with me to describe a movement so that I get it and can make that mind-body connection.

I used to think I couldn't afford training, but it's definitely among the best money I've ever spent and I continue to include training sessions in my monthly budget. Truly, the pay-off for the money, time and effort I invest with Tony has been - and continues to be - huge! My posture (which I lacked the awareness to even know was problematic) has improved dramatically. I sleep comfortably all night long. I no longer develop tendinitis or other pains when I spend long days at my computer keyboard. At age 46, I'm a stronger and faster cyclist than when I was competing at top levels 15-20 years ago. I recently resumed running, completely pain-free, for the first time in 11 years. I laugh a lot and have way more fun than I can ever remember having.

In short, Tony restored integrity to my workouts and now I'm even figuring out how to carry that intelligence over into the other areas of my life. What a gift!

- Sharon C.

I am a recent college grad and as many people know when you go to college you eat too much, drink too much and sleep and exercise to little. I was overweight. I didn't know how many calories I should be taking in daily and the exercise that I did do was ineffective and boring. I was nervous to meet Tony and I was worried he was going to be far too serious and I would be stuck eating celery. Thankfully, this was not the case.

I started my sessions with Tony and he taught me how I could still eat what I wanted, but it needed to be in moderation. In order to keep portion sizes down I had to start eating ever 4hrs which I was a little hesitant about at first due to my profession. However, after sticking to it for a month it seemed like I was able to find the time. I felt like I was eating nonstop, but I still consistently dropping the weight.

The sessions were hard work. There were variations to every workout, but the thing that stayed the same was Tony knowing when to encourage you and when to push you. He wanted to give you the best workout he could in the time allotted.

I have since moved from Seattle and no longer have Tony as my trainer, but he has changed my expectations of all trainers in the future. Too bad he can't move East :) !   

- Paige T.

One of Tony's greatest gifts is his ability to motivate people with his positive and energetic personality.  I have worked with Tony since 2008 so I know his style well. He has helped me do things that I didn't think I could do and I end up wanting to do them even though I really don't want to (such as push-ups and kettle bell moves). Tony has incredible motivation powers!  Without motivation it doesn't matter how good the program is - and Tony's programs are challenging and fun. He is able to customize his programs to each individual's needs and level so beginners don't feel intimidated and strong athletes will be challenged.    

- Karen E.